Sunday, October 16, 2016

let Android teach you something.

Hello wiser..
let the Android teach Us things.
many of us know "what is smart phone?", and certainly some of us are (or ever) using smart phone technology.
packaged as any, what we need to know is the operating system of the phone that make the phone look smart.

but, do we have used these technologies to develop ourselves?
we've spent quite a lot of time to enjoy the technology and services offered by the service provider or we usually call it "brand",
they will do anything so their phones got a class of "smartest".

while thinking about it, I want to share it possible we need to know.

"I need to say that we are not going to talk about a trademark or difference between mine and yours,
What we will discuss is about Android operating system and the applications, because I think the OTHER operating system has restrictions (i/o) in or on something and still carry the SHADOW of their computer version (i mean it), Like I can't live without you...LOL!

why Android? ... we need to listen carefully to this discussion and it's up to, do we need to compare it?

for our fluent in English certainly not difficult to know the world and learn it, but do we will be similar?
here.. the answer will lead to the new question.
some things need fair enough expenses.

the first thing to and required is trained our brain with stimuli and practice, the response and memory generated from this, whatever we will do, all comes from healthy and trained brain.
There was "neuronation",
this application is very useful, to familiarize brain there are 6 exercise program to be paid but only once pay, but the free is better, the interesting is paid or not this application does not contain ads that may interfere our concentration. (lumosity also attract and comfortable if you play it along with neuronation, elevate also great for improvement but both require expenses for better).

after it, the best advice for us is "the language". lot of science adaptation that we know is from outside of our culture and it is very limiting our step and start depending on other, unlike programming language it's fully recognised,
for this! "memrise" and "busuu" has the ability in free (need Internet) or paid (can work offline) subscription or you may get their pro, paid, etc-".apk" somewhere, why did I say this? because we will be a lot of reading (Wikipedia, eBook, PDF in any site you found) and no speak, you can use Google translate if it necessary (100% free with offline features by your own understanding).

so far we still on the topic to know (know a lot),
many things is available provided by the Internet, from information to online learning even almost entirely online (but Luckily we are not online gorged), tutorial video can be a reference, as like, udemy and even a lot of online college make their application in Android operating system, we can define ourselves and certainly subscribe and paid (and so... any useful application will appear if you type "learn" in play store or "... .apk" in Google search engine).
More great if we know sharing sites (any kind of) and perhaps blend with earlier step we took (community forums type site, typical sharing technology, maybe internet underground or Internet black market, and so on), I think the road will find us.

hmmm ... almost forgot,, sometimes we need to use VPN (not a proxy) to secure us from the enemy that comes as a friend, whatever's for if it's not free then our chances of safe is for sure (VPN master, etc.,), use it with care and also aware.

There are also many "mod.apk" style but you must be careful to not giving any information about yourselves nor your worth thing include your social media account even bank account information, so be aware that "mod" means a "modify to be able" purpose in the same policies and agreement from playstore original file, if it use under circumstances then make a difference VPN routine or use other gadget for monetize, and remember this is for yourselves development purpose not your "thing" development, if you "allow" the unknown source in security setting the don't forget to change it's original "check", better offline install for sure and get online weather you trust it, if you like this way then make sure to always visit playstore to compare information between your .apk version or change or difference to make sure that was a trustworthy sites nor developer.

About "root" may be a vulnerable risk for your own phone and information.

Android have a huge application provider that allows us to understand what we're looking with ratings and reviews (playstore or any trusted sites to download ".apk" file), so easy to explore any application and get information of the application itself.
Example, a browser (uc, Puffin, Opera even Mozilla) for android operating system have many and differences specifications, that's the few examples to describe what us can achieve and not just a freedom, we need to know that almost all continent of the world participate developing Android and its application (legal nor illegal) for any kind of purpose as for any kind of users,

the point is, there are many things can be divided if we know "what is Android (Google)" and the developer (individual, brand and the community, etc.). so...what needs? to let it be exclusive among the executive? Android not PC, Android as easy as handhold. Android not owned, not to among themselves, not limited and open wide. just need to determine the online or offline and love to read. type the Android now ... (add your heart words). ☺