Wednesday, July 11, 2012

PAPUA My Heaven

Hi all my colleagues, both on Google+ and Blogger, 
today I'm happy, 
Cartenz Summit
yes some parts of my life already begun to change, now I want to leave the lazy nature because there is no point and just bad luck, I see you surely will agree with me. 

These days I spend my time doing work at home which have not been completed, clean the dirt in my house, do you know what I got today? upset and hurt, yes of course you are confused, today I was happy but at the same time upset, in fact I was not supposed to be at home in shifts, but I escaped from the dull routine of work and the people who always ordered me to go around, so when he got home I immediately busy with homework (not an example ..) so I do not remember the frustration and I think that tomorrow someone will surely upset with me. 

No problem, just move on. probably many of you all do not know what it is Papua, let me show you some of my collection of photos that might make you curious about who owned and indigenous natural wealth, but, I wanted to ask you. 
Do you know what it is Papua? 
or, Have you ever visited Papua? because if you do not have enough knowledge, maybe you will fall asleep and difficult to understand what it is Papua, 
I long to live in Papua and let me explain what that can blow you away. let's start the journey.

A woman from the Land of Papua (I did not mention race, in order to be a parable.) Of this woman's uterus had millions of years ago, even before Adam and Eve had been born indigenous people in Papua, and with supernatural powers at their disposal they can withstand the the flood of Noah's day by hiding in the mountains, and according to the narrative of the Amungme community (tribe's oldest and most respected in the central highlands of Papua) the interest on their first out of the mountain after the flood receded and according to their beliefs, their ancestors have occupied the land full of gold from the beginning ..
piece of history that I have told you, is the research I did and now this story has been published by many history books about the truth of Papua but no one can prove it. but if this is a challenge for you I suggest that it's better just let the story live.
let us begin to see the photos of the neighborhood closest to my residence in Papua
Warlords (Waemum)
There are times in an area going battle to defend the land of their ancestors, but by 2012 this tribal war, not to defend ancestral lands but to maintain self-esteem and the funny thing is happening in this war the term "Pay Head" (rent members of the war) taken from the nearest community or clan by clan, and even civil wars often occur due to the landlord and the effect is one of these died (example: my father was hired by northern stronghold and children rent the camp south), tribal wars to occur repeatedly and involves hundreds of families within a period of 1 year and this is a value that is not valuable for the tribes involved. sad is not it?? for those who lived hundreds of years ago wearing cassowary bone knives and ornaments of birds of paradise into a weapon, but in 2012 they were already familiar with a pellet gun and a nail bomb, what do they expect after the war? those who participated in the war will demand payment of the term "Pay-head" is, and if payment is billed by the elder is experiencing delays there will be a battle between sides returned to pay and get paid .. is there any camps that their minds about your thoughts being read this post? is not that so funny?
Cenderawasih (Ind)
Waemum (Tribe)
Of course I write this not without reason because my friends in Papua're dealing with this war, please see the news that are hot in Indonesia, you will definitely know that this is not a mere essay. and I guarantee you'll think to find out the history of the moral attitude of the decline in the indigenous population who seem less friendly.
Let's discuss the PT. Freeport Indonesia ..
lots of gold and copper Papua into profits, many companies want to win this tender in Papua Earth and everything you can search on Google because I'm limited in explaining things that are very vulnerable.

For all of you who want to know the various events in Papua, which was never reported in the world I have the archives and I think we can share, just send your question so I'll answer it. of course that's what I expect from you about your participation to know about me and the adventures I've ever experienced.
Best regards. Theo