Monday, July 9, 2012

Foreword "What I Want"

Kamoro Tribe
When I was a teenager, not a lot I think and no one has so I dream and it was bound to happen to you, but now when I was an adult and have passed the time - when I started puberty can consider many things, it is important for us to live in things - the right thing the right environment and of the correct use of our rights, but maybe I was not so lucky to live as a perfect man, was I trying to be perfect for the God who created me, women have made me dull and the more I thought I increasingly feel worthless to anyone but I'm not always feeling sorry for myself so I left my sorrow and soon realized that I was able to live better and forget regret, because I deserve and am entitled to seek a better life right.
Tribe Dance Before start a War
 As I mentioned briefly that I am not the one who has no fault, not someone who is so lucky resilient in the face of temptation to sin and not a man with super strength so that nothing in this world that you want, we have similarities and differences, our similarities is that we breathe and our differences because God is creative in our lives, in our hearts and nothing is hidden from Him

Oh .. By The Way .. your trust in God, because so far we will be talking about what our desires are not in conflict with our Creator. Why do I say not in conflict, perhaps you think the world was created to be enjoyed, I agree with you but that was before we knew sin because we are making a mistake limits to the glory and wealth possessed by God the Creator of the Universe, Example: GOLD is a commodity class since ancient times is the thinking of the Who?
Amungme Family

 Hi buddy, this is my second post ..
I wrote it in the middle of the night ..,
I've completed today and implement plans I had made the previous day, today I want to share a story that I have taken from this morning, maybe today, or maybe early on, I see this world.
Hopefully you can take the conclusion of my story, and therefore I have not rested before I finish writing this.
Previously I was grateful for the fifth stanza there is still interest you to want to know what exactly the happiest of my life, I do not know what your life can be joyous, but let's find out, not hard to find happiness, but somewhat cumbersome to maintain.
Kamoro Family
First, let us look into our hearts that there is certainly a lot of desire, I personally really want to be a singer, sometimes I want to be a well-established with a luxury car and not worry about the money and I am trying to understand where the pleasure to be something that we want, certainly at the beginning I thought about it I became distracted and never be able to concentrate because it's so comfortable being in the Fantasy and of course there's no point if we do not realize, how easy, write everything I want on a piece of paper and write about planning can I do to achieve this, do not forget to include the difficulties, obstacles and risks that will be encountered or experienced so that we can complete reference about my trip (it's only a theory because basically I often forget that part because I think it very disturbing plan flavor, LOL,, .. Up TO You).
Secondly, I would do the planning that was done .. I think this is where I'll tell you about the experience that I have been all of which are beyond planning and certainly beyond my funds:
I never wanted to form a band and the group has been working on a pretty fun song for me, a professional diver, computer experts, a lot of things and I wanted it since elementary school, as I mentioned I recorded all in a small paperback book that can always be I read, and by the time I graduated high school I forget all my plans because at the time was my puberty and I was almost destroyed because it is not responsive to changes in the pattern and I think the little book that was lost some where, so I have to reorder I wander back in time (in my family there at the age of 19 years I have been migrated and should not be dependent on their parents), the journey to search for that experience I developed a terrible plan that I can not say but I like the outline view of human blood and body of a woman, I could feel that I have deviated from that I wrote and of course it was a note I have outlined in my story overseas, so that at some point I have to go above the call of my parents and then left the note in separate island away from my hometown (note: until now, all I wanted I could not accomplish and not a penny of money that I use in my life journey, belive it or not).
Long story short I was 20 years old and my worries are not yet a plan for the future, and of course some can I accomplish my desire, although still in the stage of consummation, LOL .. I have a small band at the Church of the remote and still in business careers (of I have to reinstall from scratch), PADI Dive gave me the opportunity to achieve the ability to dive I just got to Advance Open Water and Rescue is in the process leading to, so far I am very excited of course, but something that is not one of my wishes to him and planning to open a new adventure, of course I refuse to remember is half way in realizing my wish but there is something that can not power my opponent so I just go along the journey, I arrived in Papua in 2006 and during the middle of my survival amid a world that no I never knew before, islands in Indonesia which has a natural edge that is still awake and primitive people (can you imagine?), this is not a pleasant trip at first, so it is very difficult to adapt but it all went without a plan I ever made and never occurred to me that the story of my life will I wake up in Papua, I was really surprised.
21 Years is around the corner and I've been in Timika and certainly none of the family and old friends in this place, feeling lonely and bored but I kept trying until I was able to set up a small family at the age of 25 years, hahaha ...
A family with a wife and a child ..
It was very surprising because this kind I have never expressed the desire, and I believe very strongly that the power has been helping me stay alive even have a family, the question is where all the things I have achieved? The answer is in our minds because no one is useless in this life but the end is only God who know .. That's what I mean. That we wish the trip was determined not by us but by the Creator We,
"People should plan but the solution is in the hands of the Lord."

Regard Theo.