Monday, July 11, 2016

Strong for other


Hello wiser.

I could not bear to tell a story with you about what I witnessed.

Sunday 10 July Portugal's win over France with the acquisition of 1 and 0.

Cristiano Ronaldo desperate tears spilled at once along with emotion tears because he can lift his first trophy in 2016 euro for Portugal.

31 years is the age of the Real Madrid players and strengthen portugal until the final Euro 2016 against euro 2016 hosts France in Paris,

The Portugal captain was devastated when he was brought on a stretcher with an injury done by Dimitri. Well that was a Short playing time.

The same tears he had also been addressed at the time of the defeated of Argentina and of course with tax issues that are whack Messi "in Spanish?".

But perhaps the subsequent cries mean a lot of things in his heart that a mixture of:

- Disappointed, because unlike the usual selfish dominate the field,

- Also hopes that the other fellow players can score a goal? Although not actually a shame to fail.

- As well as a sense of shame that forced him because it can only cheer from the field next to his coach, Fernando Santos.

- And still like not accept the fact with a limp at the moment the Euro 2016 final.

That Ronaldo

fear and belief in yourself. Perhaps eventually he can learn to trust and believe.

And chances a last tear between emotion and pride and the feeling is hard to believe what happened at the Stade de France. Turning a closed eye while singing the national anthem showed his relief.

Touching, I think when Ronaldo had to accept the fact that there has been a mistake in his pace after seizing the ball, so he sat amid the ground and cried.

He was well aware that something happened and he had to give up after looking at the decision of the coach alongside the field.

That made me a little sad was when he slammed the captain band and finally sat down amid the ongoing game so the referee came and colleagues then Ronaldo put the captain on nani arm.

Does not stop there. To encourage the team, he was out of his chair and walked toward the center of the field in extra time resting and talking to nani and other colleagues, go around in pain.

it is for me still and paying attention.

CR7 then stand on the side while helping steer his coach.

I think this is so distinct impression for me.

at minute 109 Eder for a goal after Blaise Matuidi making a mistake that was given a yellow card and took Portugal to win. And the funny thing seems Ronaldo would not mind to jump while holding the trainer to keep from falling.

Ronaldo limping, but not a problem, remain happy and took the opportunity to be in the spotlight of media and Fernando Santos contribute at the 61 years old been the proud of portugal, how the players got the strength and the spirit and motivation so far. and seen last tear up the stairs while in pain and limping (CR7), but then also with the help of other colleagues and of course to photograph and lift the trophy.


Ronaldo has learned a lot in the euro in 2016, and certainly add achievements.