Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Police in The World

most countries in the world have a security system, and of course has a unique and distinctive features. This may be of some photos you can compare the difference
the photo below is a photo of police women around the world .. LOL .. very tough and strong despite the weather and the problems exposed but can still survive in the job, smile for those who need help and partner in the photos. 

and I would agree if this is called blending with nature instead of porn action

Islam dominates the central area of my country, but I am a Christian;, it's not a problem for us, there are things that you've never seen in our culture that is almost similar to the middle east, so your left side is a photo of my country policewoman.
Indonesian Police, (1997)

Arabian Policewoman. according to the customs and culture should not show genitals,

A Korean Police Woman