Sunday, February 24, 2013

PS4 On The Way : Have you know?? how far the development of the PS4?

Hey ... long time no See you ...
I want to share about things that are still a mystery ...
but first there may be some things that need to be refreshed.

- In the Year 1994 - 2007 Playstation game first appeared and still has fond memories but there are a nintendo and sega console was already stand the palace (Mean in). 

- In the Year 2000 to the present may still be enjoying the Playstation 2 although for the moment many games PS2 can be played on the PC and keep in mind that the Xbox in 2001 has appeared in North America at that time to compete with Nintendo's Game Cube, Sega Dreamcast the sale is stop by companies in United State of America before xbox take place as the Atari Jaguar in 1996 stop selling too so Xbox replacing them position, this stage all the console already comes with the online system which can do whatever you want by internet connection and also the GPS, Share. etc.

- In the year 2006, the PS3 appears and still being a hot talk for some people about the quality of the graphics that are continuously updated by the developer despite its appearance was preceded by the Xbox 360 (Nvidia) in 2005, but the PS3 does not own because its appearance was accompanied by a Wii and Wii not only outselling them, wii broke sales records with its quality of images offered and also the Wii Remote, the Virtual Console and WiiConnect24.
VITA Crossplatform
The year 2008 has been circulating a rumors PS4 that has gained a place in the gaming world and hope this year I became very curious because the PS4 only publish DualShock4 that comes with a touchpad and a share button,
Dualshock 4
 PS4 does not support DualShock3 capability so PS3 trip practically did not touch the PS4 and PS Vita (even capability to cross platform PS3 like wii u pad), i Like this PSP version and i recomended to You If like to see the price.

What Next From XBox
- In the Year 2010 Warranty support and Xbox Live (Online) closed but still be able to play using the Xbox system link between the two consoles.

- In the Year 2011 Turned Wii Family Edition

Wii U Pad Crossplatform
- At mid-year 2012 appeared Wii U Pad technology that carries and Game Cube consoles and function past and for that there is no significant competition from Sony and Microsoft.

hahaa ... I became confused and hoping to receive state of the PS2 and PS3 that can be said to be endangered, and of course all over the world are looking forward to the game a new breakthrough in the era of the game that there is in this case the Xbox 720 (Still Rumors) and Wii U with stunning graphics (Radeon) as well as online support,
Online and support of the PS Vita is planning undertaken by the developer against Sony for Wii U and Microsoft's Xbox 720 (is still under construction - Maybe) so it can be said that the PS4 will take a position in the development of game consoles.
Qualcomm, Nvidia and Radeon, etc.. is an important aspect not only in technology but in the console generation.
Spec below console we need to take into account.
Main Processor:Single-chip custom processor CPU: x86-64 AMD 'Jaguar' 8 cores GPU: 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD next-generation Radeon™ based graphics engineMemory:GDDR5 8GB
Hard Disk Drive:Built-in, Optical Drive (read only):BD 6xCAV + DVD 8xCAV, I/O and communication:Super-Speed USB (USB 3.0), AUX, Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T) its mean Online Support, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth® 2.1 (EDR), AV output:HDMI (LED and 3D), Analog-AV out, Digital Output (optical).

Hope you like and please let me know your comment and reaction.
Thank you For Reading, Nice to Meet You

Monday, January 21, 2013

2013 in draft

Happy New Year ... it turns out we do not perish as claimed by certain communities. huuuhhh ...
now I want to write about the purpose of life in the new year and stop minding mass rescue LOL..
There are many things I want to do, bathing, feeding, cleaning the house, taking care of the garden, playing blogger but it is some thing that does not need to be the purpose of life because we almost never miss it, and therefore I would like to invite you for a moment forget myth about the year 2013 (Sun Flare, Mayan),etc. especially the human prediction that will never ending in an odd year, I wanted to share the burden with you.

who can guess the age of the Year 2013?? I guess no one was as long as we are still in the year.
The happy this year I have a few questions that maybe you've heard ...

1. What is your target in the Year 2013?
2. Who will guide you through the end of the year in 2013?
3. What you will experience in the Year 2013?
4. Do you have determined the answer to your own question?

and perhaps a little scary question is:
Am I ready to go to Heaven? or just wait in paradise? or maybe fall ...? and I am sure this question no one ever thought about being too busy with 4 (four) questions that I described earlier.
This is what I want to discuss with you ..
maybe you are a qualified written so as to compose a word to describe something that is beautiful or maybe you are an expert in their field so there is no issue that is difficult for you or maybe you are a person who has all your needs until you can no longer count entirely.
I was not all that, just people who want to write in this medium.
I have a principle that God is the first priority in my life,
I hope you will also agree with me.
and for the second priority is family, third and fourth jobs are some things that do not fit in the third point.
it is a description of the purpose that we make, so as that's what I want to explain,
the importance of a goal allows us to walk in the path and do not need to hesitate.
What you've heard a ridiculous metaphor "turtle in the boat?" like a man without a purpose even with preparation, even if there is no purpose then all will be useless.

My blog was rather quiet with the words, of course, because blogging is my fourth priority, and may on occasion be given third priority but will never replace family become the second priority, and so forth, if we can discipline ourselves to the principles that I believe you can put yourself in a time of need as long as you do not lose the principle. because every time we had to take a stand and our choices today affect our step one hour ahead and can not be repeated.
Imagine you are an orphan and no family to take care of you so that it forces you to fight to preserve your life so that your principles to be little affected by the thousands of questions even if you've made ​​it through that difficult period, because at any given time the principle that we make will collide with the scheme of this world (reality of the matter), but if we can be consistent with our principles and survive then it counted as our victory in the war mentality.
This parable may be difficult to understand if you can not imagine you are an orphan so easy example is when you are faced with a natural disaster (can be a financial crisis) what do you think? you can not select the priority you should do because it all happened so fast, you could lose one or more.
that's why I put God first in my priorities so that prayer becomes a powerful way out for me (just an example - I hope you agree).
I still want to write but I will probably continue in stages.