Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Xbox one on Windows 10? UWA on UWP. Power of Cross Platform

Hello wiser,
How about Two boats of Microsoft. What's behind this?
brings PC and Xbox one into one platform,
there should be one of the seeded and the other should be merged, but microsoft never compete in the world of hardware.

According to the affirmation of Microsoft that the Xbox one will share place in Windows and vice versa.
Xbox one will be a platform that can be updated through the internet and support on the entire device from Microsoft.

Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and Xbox one into "one platform game" on one ecosystem running using the Universal Windows Applications (UWAs), the Xbox has announced her.

Xbox one will work like PC in the future with the device that can be improved. Not only that, with xbox innovation that called "Universal windows platform" for the development source, made easy to run anything throughout the PC, Xbox, tablets and even smart phone as well as to build a complete gaming in the ecosystem of Universal Windows Applications.

In 2015, Microsoft bring Xbox application for Windows 10 PC, allows cross platform play and friends too on both platforms. Then, Xbox one was updated to be compatible with Windows 10, bringing new interface and features to the console, Microsoft UWAs will be loaded in the Xbox One but not known it goes.

Microsoft- oriented towards universal windows application running around the PC and the console with other words" any machine that is compatible with Universal windows platform has the ability as the Xbox console one", I feel the sensation, but this is such as at risk? PC has the world that continues to innovate and can not limited by any. There will be a new discoveries in the world of the PC. PC also get a continuous innovation in the hardware and software by the number of developers are widely and varied without any restriction to anyone, unlike the console binding and lock the hardware and software simultaneously to be needed each other as well as limiting the strict performance under the protocol that are

"exclusive-secret". Maybe Microsoft trying to make the separator between the software platform of them from your hardware. Or maybe else.
Xbox one will be the same as PC and Microsoft will release version update periodically with more powerful processors and graphics hardware. The reason is, as the game will be written in the form of UWAs, older titles will remain compatible with a new machine." The xbox believe will see innovation in the hardware of a console that may not unprecedented
"the xbox look forward to create a console that last for a generation with hardware that can be updated without change the console..."

The xbox said that for similar game can be run perfectly in the xbox old console as well as the latest xbox or high-end PC that should certainly have UWAs work in the UWP. It's simple that you need this UWP on your device. so that allows the xbox to focus on innovation hardware without affecting the game released in UWP.

Then, You can play nostalgic childhood game and play the latest 4K games on one UWP device. It may be effective solution for me.

But, As I said before that the Hardware will meet its evolution and the revolution software also got the value of the exploration, no longer need to wasted vain. There are many games from xbox as well as from the PC in this case is Windows. and the challenge is cross platform playing experience between different devices and the benefits on the publisher (not developers) for one platform that can be used both Xbox copy and Windows 10 copy in one package. Platform what is meant? all OS? Benefit? Not Yet. no one can confirm the answer.

Let me explain the purpose of Microsoft. If some of you ever buy a console and for now forget that you have one in your storage room or some where, perhaps the most we remember is a game that time ago we often played, but "if" we found the console. The "ago" word is a variety of meaning.

or if you are used to be part in the production of a game then you will probably remember how's your life.

And if this Universal Windows idea Successfully to xbox. may be what's above can be recalled. But it possible to you who became a fan of Microsoft for true. And of course it is a way out to Xbox from Potential Disaster.

UWAs will support the difference processor, difference graphics and problems V- Sync (settings that match game framerate with the monitor screen refresh rate will be completed).
how statistics response to the world with UWA the concept?,

the application is certainly have to walk perfect in the PC as well as Xbox one, graphics processor, the system memory and supporting hardware, as well as Microsoft DirectX application programming interface (API) graphical display.

I think Microsoft have to imitate google in developing UW the concept. With all of openness and its hospitality. This site may initially and then the developers already gathered and follow the process of the proposed by Microsoft, course we will know will be many questions that we will find the answer. Or maybe Valve and other platforms can be preceded the Microsoft? Xbox vs. PS may be seen, but the computer is anything else, they Neutral.

Monday, April 4, 2016

PC or PS4? my own budget.

Here come the challenge. Wise people...
It's not a simple plan to take.
Listen me clearly.

Maybe You are not just a gamer freak but also search money,
you want to enjoy the development of the era of the game without been left with technology,
only natural.
The whole work in this world need help of the computer and the internet.

You can answer it.
with simple computer allows you to play the latest games with only a little expenditure.
Meanwhile you can keep working and enjoy relaxing time.

calculations to spend around $750 can even less than that only to the computer and operating system?
improve the quality of the device while collecting money. two interests with one solution
need to remember, computer device in the following year always have increased in the performance and quality.

a lot of the invention then a lot of progress.
invest device that can support the development.
in plain language" long- term brand."
funds to improve your device in the coming year the

possibility of around $200 range of every two to three years to survive depending on the needs or by selling old device to buy new device each year.

In case If you have sufficient funds for the brand or complete set of the computer that you enjoy due to support and services you have to know quality.

Vibox Legend HyperFreeze Package 20 - Ultimate, Extreme, Super Elite Gaming PC, High Performance, Desktop Computer (Intel i7 5930k @ 4.5GHz 6-Core Processor, Custom Dual Watercooling Loop, 2 x 4GB Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 (SLI) Graphics Cards, X99S SLI Plus, 500GB Samsung EVO 840 SSD, 3TB Hard Drive, 32GB Patriot Viper Xtreme 2800MHz DDR4 RAM, RM1000 PSU, 3 x ASUS 27" 4K Monitors, Razer BlackWidow Chroma Keyboard, DeathAdder Chroma Mouse, Firefly Mousemat, Kraken 7.1 Chroma Headset, Windows 10. It's almost £ 6,749.95 on Amazon. 
And that's europe.

it is also good for you and your computer at a "little more" for it, but only if you did not have enough knowledge of your computer, I mean in terms of I mentioned previously.

" You can certainly see my discussion about the game consoles PS4, I have described earlier. It is more economical compared to my discussion of this time." Why is that? due to the funds less than $750 you can buy a PS4 with a complete device plus LED tv 32 inch. good bargain. But computer remains a computer that distinguish is a system operation or can be called "the language".

a case we talking about right now.

Do not directly to buy hardware as you wish to spend money.

expensive not always been a size of the quality.

1. make a list of the purchase and compare prices various components,
2. equipment providers as well as guaranteed in a few months,
3. up and down the price sometimes occur. so you must be prepared to take decisions on several hundred dollars at any time.

In less than 4 months of your business to meet the results and from there you can assess your ability.
including in assessing the property that can be worth wear and match the new equipment.

For example -
- core i5 and core i7 in the processor with the same generation possible to be in the same motherboard,
- a row of amd processor most recent can also supported in some motherboard comes first launched, quad, octa, core or any, etc.

the conclusion is the purchase of the motherboard for use by the new processor for four years ahead and so on.
buy the motherboard LGA 1155 compatible and has four RAM slots.
- ASRock Z75 Pro 3 less than $ 80
- graphics card PNY NVIDIA GTX 660 2 gigabytes of video RAM or for one medium- high resolution monitor or dual monitor without burdening the performance.
calculations updating their graphics card in at least one or two years, both before they need a new CPU.
note the ability level components with the use in order to get a performance and quality. *wholly $ 499, with the wait and make decisions the right purchase you should be able to press down to $ 449 or less.*
- content
- 500 GB hard drive and
- 8 gigabyte RAM compatible (2 slot 4gb or 4 slots 2gb, a better bargain)
limit the purchase of $ 559.
- DVD drives do not need more than $ 20. space/ a place like anything that allows a little room for growth.
- The model bundled with power supply. select your display itself with the op 500 watts, higher better.
- Windows 7 continue to be a value for OS PC gaming. pay more for Microsoft operating system will allow access to more games. Amazon and Newegg offers a good choice and reliable information, but with spend time on eBay may be able to save money paper.

Here some idea: is very likely to be the most in front and the most expensive you can buy,

with all the latest technology up to 4k op graphics with cryogenic liquid cooling graphics card. Price from around $1, 800, even if you can get a fully with four coolant, Nvidia GTX- 780i graphics card or radeon r9 series, 32GB RAM and everything you might want with spending around $10, 000.

There are much space when buying PC anywhere, although in places like iBuyPower, Falcon Northwest and Alienware(Dell) which specializes in building vehicle play an incredible amazing. find one is right for you from a matter of a sense or just read reviews and will spend a little more money buying high- end PC than assemble themselves, but the main benefits of the machine you buy built with the technology has been tested to work reliably when used together. Plus, by buying PC, if an error occurs You can send it for repair.

Well everything so, more than a game console.
Be wise and surf the Web.
Or you can try this Component

- Intel Core i7-3770K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor
- Motherboard Asus P8Z77-V PRO ATX LGA1155
- Memory Corsair Vengeance16GB(2x8GB)DDR3-1600 $83.89
- Samsung 840 Series 250GB 2.5" Solid State Drive $177.98
- Case Corsair 500R White ATX Mid Tower Case
- Power Supply Corsair Enthusiast 750W 80 + Bronze Certified
- ATX Optical DriveAsus BW-12B1ST/BLK/G/AS Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Writer. $109.88
- Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 OEM (64-bit) $199.89

Base Total: $673.64 Mail-in Rebates: -$40.00 Shipping: $7.99 Total: $641.63 You just need add more on Newegg or OutletPC for processor, motherboard and PowerSupply. You got the deal then. Go for it you deserve more.