Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Watching is habbit

They gathering for some reason.
Do you ever know what the habbit could do?
Hai wiser... for long we don't see each other...
I'm still in Papua
do you believe that from eye we can respond next desire in no second. And it's just happened like that.
and do you ever responsible for what effect from your mouth if it affect other in the crowd?
I witnessed all in papua circumstances and I learn almost everything except their language because it's vital access to their hearts. 
one little problem can make a huge boundaries in every aspect as you know you're different and it will off course affect you being deported from their land. Simple wise isn't?
one more thing...
Papua native behaviour is natural selection...if not part of Papua "blassed land" that would be your primary problem to solve in the first act. 
Who's ever think they are blend with melanesia race they are wrong.